40th anniversary show

The Irish Wolfhound Club of Norway invites Irish Wolfhound enthusiasts to our 40th anniversary speciality Show at Gol on June 23-25 2017. The show is taking place outdoors on grass covered turf.

Judge: Ludovica Salamon, della Bassa Pavese, Italy

Location: Gol is located in Hallingdal, some 3 hours driving west of Oslo. The show ground itself is on Gol Campingsenter where all activities take place. Accomodation to be booked through Gol Campingsenter. Please mention you are going to the Wolfhound speciality, or you will be told it’s sold out.


Friday june 23rd: 

8:00 PM: Communal barbecue at the showground

Saturday june 24th:

10:00 AM: Club AGM

2:00 PM: 

  • Judging of puppies (4-6 months and 6-9 months)
  • Child and hound
  • Junior handling
  • Inofficial obedience competition
  • Measurement of tallest dog and bitch
  • Straight race

7:30 PM: Anniversary dinner party
Dinner fee: NOK 385,- to be booked directly with Øivind Berg Larsen <oivind.berg.larsen@gmail.com>. Please book your dinner by june 5 at the latest.

Sunday june 25th:

9 PM: Anniversary club show. «Big CCs» will be awarded to best male and bitch who are not already Norwegian champions. Great prices.

Judging order:

  • Veteran male
  • Veteran bitch
  • Junior male
  • Intermediate male
  • Open male
  • Working male
  • Champion male
  • Best male
  • Junior bitch
  • Intermediate bitch
  • Open bitch
  • Working bitch
  • Champion bitch
  • Best bitch
  • Progeny class
  • Breeders class

Inofficial classes:

  • Outside of competition (inofficial class, critiques will be given to dogs with or without disqualifying faults)
  • Honorary class (Open to all dogs 7 years and older)
  • Best 3/4 generations
  • Best Irish Spottings
  • Oldest dog at show
  • Best head and expression (nominated by judge)
  • Best movements (nominated by judge)


  • Best in Show Junior
  • Best in Show Intermediate
  • Best in Show Veteran
  • Best in Show

Entry for all official classes through the Norwegian Kennel Club. All participating dogs must be registered in a registry recognized by NKK. Please enter by May 20th for an early bird price or by May 27th at the very latest. If you have any problems entering, please contact Anne Mette Mikkelsen (phone +47 920 223 86 or email wolfhound@ballygran.com) as soon as possible.

All veterans (8 years plus) will show for free. The attendance fee will be refunded on place.